how we can help you

Everyone has a unique set of skills and experiences to offer the professional world. But to obtain the job that you want, you must be able to communicate your individual story in a succinct and compelling way to potential employers. College students who are new to the job market are often unsure of how they can best present themselves, both on paper and in person. 
By focusing on your particular strengths and career aspirations, Collegian Career Coaching provides guidance that is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are pursuing a specific job or internship opportunity or are still exploring different career paths, we will help you devise a practical plan of action and give you the tools you need to realize your goals.
We have had great success helping juniors, seniors and recent graduates perfect their resumes and hone their interview skills. We can be even more impactful, however, if we begin working with you earlier in your collegiate life. During your freshman and sophomore years you may not yet be focused on specific career options, but this is the time when we can help you make wise choices with respect to the courses and extra-curricular activities that will ultimately become the material for your resume.


available services

Depending upon your particular situation, we can provide expertise and guidance in any of the following areas:

•cover letters
•interview preparation
•job search/networking strategies
•curriculum/course selection
•extra-curricular activities/leadership opportunities
•skills/interests assessment
•career exploration